Online Art Contest

The theme this month is WATER!

Submissions can be in any medium but must be submitted through private messaging to the library’s Facebook or through email to Please include a title, name, and either a phone number or an email address. We will only include the title in the voting.

1. Works will be judged by public poll; whoever receives the most votes will win. “Votes” are defined as likes on the individual picture.

2. Works must be submitted either to the library’s Facebook through private messaging or through email to

3. Works CANNOT contain any offensive language or imagery (this is subject to the approval of the library). Any works that do contain language and/or imagery that is deemed offensive will not be entered.

4. All works must pertain to the theme of the month (this is subject to the approval of the library). If it is not obvious, please tell us how the theme applies to your work. Works that have been deemed irrelevant will not be entered.

5. Themes will be released on the beginning of the month. Submissions will start being accepted on July 1 and will be due by July 31. Voting will begin August 1 and end August 31.

6. All submissions must be original works.

7. Teens ages 13-18 years of age are eligible to enter this contest.

8. Works will be posted on the library’s Facebook page.

9. Works must be submitted with a title, a name, and contact information (phone or email). Only the title will be included in the voting.

10. Prize will be a BAM Gift Card.