Borrowing Periods

Books, newspapers, and magazines: 3 weeks

DVDs and Blu-rays: 1 week

eMedia: 3 weeks

Video games: 1 week

WiFi hotspots: 2 weeks

WiFi hotspots can't be renewed, but all other items can be renewed up to three times if no one has them on hold.


Borrowing Rules

  • Newton Falls Public Library cards allow patrons to borrow items from other CLEVNET libraries, subject to individual library policies. Items borrowed from these libraries are subject to the lending library’s loan periods and fine/fee schedule.
  • Only one CLEVNET card is permitted per person.
  • Patrons are responsible for ensuring that their library records, and those of any children under 18, include current contact information. Cards must be renewed every six years.
  • New patrons can borrow up to 4 items (excluding equipment) on their first check-out. After these items are returned, there are no borrowing limits unless otherwise noted.
  • Patrons are responsible for all items checked out on their cards, and, if any of these items are returned late or damaged, or are lost, are responsible for paying fines and fees.
  • When an item is 2 weeks overdue, the library will mail an overdue notice and charge the patron $1.00 for the mailer. When an item is 3 weeks overdue, it is considered lost and the patron will be billed for the cost of the item. (When an item is no longer in print, the fine will not be more than the actual purchase cost. Gift items will be assigned a value.) If the item is returned, the patron will no longer need to pay for the entire item, only the overdue fines accrued during this time. Fines will not exceed the actual purchase cost.
  • Patrons 65 years of age and older will be not accrue overdue fines on our items, though they will be sent a mailer and billed for the cost of an item once it’s considered lost.
  • When seriously damaged items are returned, the patron is informed and given an opportunity to observe the condition. (If they’re no longer in the library and cannot be reached by phone or email, the Director will send a letter.) The patron will have up to 7 business days to come in and examine the item with the staff before it’s repaired or withdrawn and the patron is charged for the cost of the item. If the media is no longer produced, the purchase cost of a similar item shall be charged. When parts of materials are missing, a librarian will assess the replacement cost. When acceptable repairs can be made through a contracted service (e.g. a bindery), that cost will be charged to the patron.
  • If a damaged item must be withdrawn, the patron responsible can keep the item once they’ve paid for it. However, the library can only hold damaged materials for 7 business days, at which point they will be discarded if no one has come to retrieve them.
  • Receipts will be issued from a receipt book to patrons paying for lost or damaged items. The payment purpose and title of the media will be noted on the receipt. Receipts will be provided from the computer printer for all other payments.
  • The library cannot offer refunds once lost or damaged items have been paid for.
  • Patrons will be charged $0.50 if excessive cleaning is necessary (caked-on food, etc.).
  • If fines and fees total $5.00 or more, or if items are overdue, the patron will not be allowed to borrow or renew anything, including computer workstations and eMedia.
  • Because everyone is responsible for all items checked out on their card, a person can’t use someone else’s card without special permission. Because of privacy laws, we also can’t give out information about what items are checked out on someone else’s card, when they are due, fines, etc., without the cardholder’s permission. The cardholder must give permission in-person to library staff, who will make a note on their record. If the patron decides to rescind permission, they are responsible for notifying the library. Exceptions are made for parents/guardians, who can access the accounts and use the cards of their minor children.
  • To prevent loss of library materials and to protect people from fraudulent library card use, we require patrons to present a library card or valid photo ID (driver’s license, student ID, etc.). Those checking out items with another person’s card must have the library card in hand.
  • We have two outdoor dropboxes, one for books/print items and one for DVDs/audiovisual items. Because the discs are fragile and can be damaged by heavy books, please return items in the appropriate drops. Patrons are responsible for damage.


Fines and Fees

Overdue Fines

Books and other print materials: $0.10 per day

DVDs, Blu-rays, and video games: $0.25 per day

WiFi hotspots: $3.00 per day


Replacement Fees

Barcode: $0.50

Spine label: $0.50

DVD/Blu-ray/video game case: $1.00

DVD/Blu-ray/video game cover insert: $1.00

DVD/Blu-ray/video game hub label: $0.50

Hotspot: $80.00

Hotspot case: $25.00

Hotspot charger: $25.00

Magazine or newspaper: $3.00

New library card: $1.00


Other Fees

Cleaning: $0.50

Mailed overdue notice: $1.00